Monday, 11 February 2013

Waiting for 'Perfect number'

Being overweight has always overshadowed everything in my life, I have never been able to take compliments, I have always been a nervous wreck when I have to go out for dinners and meet people, my confidence has always been very low...all this because I told myself I was not good enough till my weight was normal..
This negative attitude has done me no favours...there are times when I feel I have lost out on opportunities just because I was waiting for that ‘perfect number’. The main reason I thought of writing this post is to share with you the biggest and most important lesson I learnt during my weight loss journey

‘How beautiful you are or how beautiful other people think you look does not depend on your size or your weight it depends only on what you think about yourself’

I’m not trying to get all philosophical...just sharing my experience. All my life I waited for that perfect number and then the bubble burst...even after I reached my perfect number so many years of negative thinking and low self confidence did not magically disappear...I have to take a conscious effort to leave it behind.
What surprises me more is it is so easy for me to see my own imperfections and the world around me always looks matter the size...that’s just not fair!!! So much hard work what happened to the feel good factor??? That’s when I realised feel good was never directly proportional to my weight but it was all in my head...
So for some time now I have been taking conscious effort to avoid all negative thoughts and I have noticed I can be two completely different people depending on what I think about myself...
Even if my weight remains clothes are the same..if I’m happy with myself..I talk better, I smile a lot more and I walk more confidently...but on the other hand if I feel I’m not good enough suddenly the same weight is a problem...I can barely get a word out...I avoid meeting people and prefer to stay at home...
I'm trying not to make this post longer than usual, it’s a topic I can write or talk about a lot, I just hope if you are somebody who is waiting for that perfect number to feel good about yourself please... please Start now...
'Work towards your perfect number but feel good about yourself at every point of your journey.'
Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 


  1. This is so tough - at least it was for me. The "perfect weight" doesn't mean that we will view ourselves positively or even that we will love ourselves more. That has to come irregardless of our weight, which is hard for a lot of people.

  2. it is tough...I still struggle with this sometimes, can get frustrating at a days I try to think of 1 positive thought as soon as I think something negative about myself, it's not easy to change but one step at a time..I will get there.. :)

  3. Hi Tanvee! You know, after I started working out at the gym in 2007, I hadn't lost much weight yet, but I felt so much happier. And guess what, people, both women and men, started saying, "You look prettier," to me. And I realized that it wasn't all about the weight. I *felt* happier and prettier. That was what people were seeing, despite many excess pounds still on me, at that point. Even though I have lost more weight now, I still remember that attitude is a huge part of beauty.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion :) I totally agree with you it is the attitude and your own thoughts that are huge part of beauty...even I noticed at some point in my journey, my weight did not decide how I felt about myself..I would have pretty days and bad days at the same weight and this affected other aspects of my life..that's when I decided I had to change my attitude and look at my positive you said I feel happier and prettier but then sometime I still have bad days (all those years of wrong attitude can't just dissappear)I'm sure they will vanish very soon :)
      On a different note I have to tell you I love your blog and I'm very glad to see you here :)

  4. I'm so glad I came back to read this post. I totally understand what you're saying and can relate to this. There are still so many flaws that I find in myself on a daily basis, but I have to remind myself that the reason why we talk about 'being healthy' vs. just losing weight is because the mental aspect that is related to losing weight is just as important, and just as necessary to make us healthy.

  5. :),I think most of us start of with wanting to just lose weight and slowly realise it's more than's about being healthy..but it is difficult to change your thinking...even I have to keep reminding myself...I'm just hoping one day I won't need the reminders,