Friday, 15 February 2013

LBT (another fitness class)

I love this class, it makes me feel good...I think by the end of every class I can feel all my muscles stronger..
As usual before going for the class I did my research, I went online checked out what exercises I would be doing and how the instructor would be...everything looked manageable. LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums) as the name suggest is focused on exercises for your Lower body and your Core.
Usually you will find yourself doing a lot of squats, lunges, crunches’. 
Now back to my soon as the doors opened everybody rushed in to pick up weights, they usually have a range of weights I picked up my pair and then headed towards picking up a mat, that’s what everybody did so I just followed.
We started with a few minutes of warm up, a lot of marching in place, side step tap and moving arms all the time. After this we got our weight and did a few arm exercises before moving to lower body exercises and finally the abs.
So what was so different about this class? The exercises were all simple, nothing complicated but the repetitions were a lot more than what I ever do and there were no breaks (ok, ok..there was one break just before we started the core)
What do I mean by no breaks??? We were continuously moving...
15 single squats -- stay in squat position for 15 counts -- back to single squats -- Stay in squat position and go lower for 7 counts -- back to single squats -- stay in squat position for 15 counts -- turn to your left in squat position and start lunges -- continue a similar cycle with lunge before moving to the next exercise.
For all these exercises we used weights in our hand so they were more like compound exercises, combining upper body and lower body exercises together....
Maybe this could help for your first class
  1. Choose weights that you are comfortable with, you can even choose different weights depending on the exercise. (I use lower weights for my arm exercises but higher when I’m doing lower body exercises) 
  2. Carry your own mat or Carry a towel, not only for the sweat but also to cover your mat (people do step on it)
  3.  Use two mats when you are doing the exercises which require you to be on your knees (make sure you don’t hurt your knees) 
  4.  For every exercise make sure you stick to the correct form, don’t get carried away with trying to keep up with everybody else, because sometimes when you rush through the exercises you might hurt yourself. (this happened to me during crunches, I hurt my neck :D, I was just trying to keep up and did not realise when I started doing them wrong )
I think this class is worth a try; you might end up loving it like me..’.I was pleasantly surprised and I’m hooked to this class, it’s a little intense...but 3 classes in I already feel stronger and more usual it’s worth the pain.
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  1. Hi Tanvee! This reminds me of my leg exercises I'm doing. It is never too early for us to start getting the legs in super shape for skirt and shorts weather. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. ;) all the prepration for the coming summer

  2. Good work, Tanvee! Didn't they do any stretching before warming up, though? That's important. :)

    1. hi Gwen, I'm sorry I did not mention the streching but we did some with the wamrup exercises..very important..i think without the streching and warmup there would be lot of injuries

  3. Sounds like a great workout! I've attended a few like LBT before - really good, but unfortunately I couldn't continue because of my schedule. Still, what's great about the exercises is you can do a lot of them at home - the tricky part comes to not reducing the intensity and not resting. That's definitely where going to the class comes in handy!

    1. i do all of them at home (I have weights at home..) but I think I rest a little more than in class in between my intervals...after I started the classes I changed my workout at home that I know how much I can push myself..

  4. That’s a good routine exercise. The movements are simple, but having no breaks with every new movement is quite intense. The good thing about it is that it allows your inner muscles to move continuously. It builds up your inner body to be stronger. @CrossFit