Monday, 25 February 2013

When things don't go as planned

(This post is not related to weight loss or fitness)
Lately things are not going my way, I have done my part but my plan is not working so I have only two choices complain about it or do something about it.Usually I pick the second choice but in this scenario everything is out of my hands there is really nothing I can do.That's why my weekend was not a very happy one, usually I’m very talkative and every weekend is my fun day. We go out, try new things and most weekends I Skype with family, friends back home but this weekend I just did not feel like doing anything.
After wasting my weekend (Friday evening and entire Saturday) I had to STOP. I couldn’t  carry on like this, so Sunday afternoon I decided enough is enough if I could do something about I should get up and do it but if I could not do anything I should move on. So the next big question was how do you move on?? How do you let go of all the stress and sad thoughts???
I do a simple thing I don’t let my mind complete my sad sentences...if I start thinking thoughts that will pull me down I don’t complete them instead I complete them with completely opposite things.
I’m unlucky...(things did not go as planned) but I’m lucky because I have come this far and if I work hard I know I can go further...
Why me???(why was I overweight..Why was I fat all my life?) Because I could handle it and through my weight loss journey I got back to writing, I discovered my love for running and it gave me confidence..
This is how I change every sentence till I feel strong and confident that I can manage...
95% of the times I believe if I can do something about my situation everything will be alright, I think if I put in the effort things will work out, maybe at times I need to change my plan but as long as I believe in myself and I’m ready to work hard I will get to my goal, maybe not on time, maybe not as planned but I will get there
By the way just because things did not go as planned does not mean I missed a workout or I ate more than planned, we did order take away but I stuck to my calorie count
Hope you all had a better weekend :)

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  1. I think I may give your way a chance. It sure has got to be better than continuing to be negative!

  2. Tanvee, what isn't working out? Have you just hit a plateau, and need to wait it out? I don't know if I'd give up on a plan this quickly. Please share what isn't working for you. :)

    Glad you aren't wallowing in your negativity! :)

    1. Hi Gwen,it's nothing to do with weight loss (that's why I put the first line in the post). I had planned on going back home and visiting my family in the first week of March (it's been more than a year now), so for entire last year I have worked very hard, I have not taken any leave just because I wanted to take this long break but unfortunately for me my documents are not with me(send them for renewal). I had taken care of starting this process a lot in advance but for some reason it is getting delayed and I can't do anything :( so now my plans of going back home have changed might not be able to go till May/June worst case would be next December.Everybody back home is upset that upset me more(anyways there is nothing I can do about it). I had done everything I could but still it got messed up..can't be upset any I'm just moving on and no place for negativity.
      Thank you for your concern Gwen :)

  3. Hi Tanvee! Our attitude about any aspect of life is related to all of it. Having a good attitude when it matters most (meaning when things don't go right) positively affects all aspects of life, even fitness and weight. I do love your idea of saying the opposite of how a complaining mind would finish a sentence--I'll try it!

    And when I read blogs, those who incessantly complain invariably have much more trouble reaching goals. Positive attitude makes everything easier and more successful.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, Positive attitude is what keeps me going, I think it helps me think more clearly, complaining just spoils everything, even spoils the moods of people around me. Stay positive, stay happy...

  4. Having to deal with things that are out of our control can be very, very difficult. I think you've got a great strategy. I also don't think it's bad to just take a moment and grieve/feel bad, angry, sad or whatever emotion you're feeling. The important thing is the next step. You've got a great, positive attitude. *hugs*

    1. thank you for your hugs :) I guess a little time to feel bad or angry is ok but not for very long...I just switch to this stragtegy asap...