Monday, 7 January 2013

Easing into exercising

Like I told you before, for me exercising was an alien concept :)
So when I started exercising it was really not easy...I started with slow walks and moved to brisk walks for half hour which was not much for my age I should have been jogging...I was 24 and I had never stepped in a gym or been a part of anything related to fitness before (I’m embarrassed..what can I say it’s the only truth)
I was really intimidated at the thought of going to the gym so I decided I would first get a little fit become a little more confident and then enter the gym..once I took this decision I had to get to work..I planned to go jogging at one of the joggers park near my house..I had company and the path was 2.5 km I thought I would manage it because there were so many people jogging comfortably..I started with complete enthusiasm, I think less than 100 m in I felt I was dying (hahaha....), I was a little embarrassed because people older than me were managing really well..but then I was not ready to give up so soon...I completed the round walking...and went back home with my mind set on becoming a little fit at least...(maybe not the complete round but surely more than 100 m)
After this experience it was more difficult for me to go for a jog, I would really avoid boyfriend(T)  had to always drag me...(I think I was more embarrassed than determined)
So what did I do? How did I go from hating exercising to loving it...(it was not easy)
As soon as I realised I was really not fit..even if I had lost lot of weight (Around 15 kgs) I was still not anywhere close to being fit and only walking was not enough for I went online and searched for ways of exercising at home away from all the stares...
So in addition to my walks I started with a few exercises I found online - squats, lunges, push -ups and a little bit of weights (I went and bought dumbbells) next thing I did was on alternate days I switched my walking with climbing stairs of my building (it was at night so nobody was really around to notice :) )
Then after a few months I went back to the jogging course...surprise I could jog for longer than 100 m I completed the course jogging and walking..I was happy not as embarrassed...and I think I got my confidence back..I believed that I could complete the round one day :)
Step 3: to losing weight
Understand what your fitness level is and start with what you are comfortable
When I started working out at home I continued to lose weight become fit without feeling conscious about myself and I stepped out only when I was comfortable because I knew from experience if I would feel uncomfortable it would be very difficult to go back the next day
What did you start off with?

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  1. That is almost everyone story except that u had a different ending which is rare. I am in a situation of doing walks daily...hope I can end like you...of course I m lot more older than u were... Haha