Sunday, 6 January 2013

Staying Connected

Just the other day I got a face book request from a friend of one point in my life this person was one of the closet people to me, we would talk everyday and share every single detail of our life. Life had plans for us we both got into different universities, we still maintained our friendship, we still spoke but with time she faded away and I had new friends so did she..
It was close to 4 years of no contact when I saw her name pop up on my screen, just seeing her name made me smile, all the memories came rushing back...after that fb request and a exchanging a few messages we have gone back to speaking (now that we have moved further away so we speak on skype). I’m just glad she got in touch.
Has this ever  happened to you or am I the only one?
Have you ever thought of how many people you have left behind, how many friends have just faded away??Every step we take in life to move ahead we move away from some people who matter to us without even realising. I have lost touch with so many people friends and family both. I remember there were days when I would talk to my parents about my life every single day and now I’m so tired after work I barely talk to them during the week...
Even with so many communication means we still don’t really communicate do we? We are the first to get new phones, try new IM apps but all we do is add friends and just increase our contacts..How many of these friends do we really talk to??
I have decided to change this, Off course it’s not easy to take time out of your present to think about your past also its awkward to send a mail or call a person out of the blue, so I looked for somebody whom I had spoken to or heard from recently (a year or so..not very recent) and I send an email with a big smile and a note saying I was thinking about our good times...and how life got in the way, once I clicked on the Send button..I started doubting my actions... (The usual ‘what if’...what if they don’t remember me..what if they don’t reply...what if they think I’m crazy..) Surprisingly I got a reply and now I have one more friend back in my life..
It’s not like I spend hours and hours on this but every week I make it a point to either call/ email a friend from the’s a wonderful feeling to get back  an important part of your life...with this I even got back a few dreams/ambitions I had let go on the way..

What I do to stay connected?
Start with just one friend (maybe someone from school/ university/your first job...) see how it goe. I'm positive you will be happy to get them back in your life.
I have also started talking more to my parents, though I don’t talk every day I try and stay connected, sometimes I just send a message if I can’t talk, other times we chat on Skype or just a call (It makes everybody happy and even though I’m far away I still feel very involved in my family)

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 

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