Monday, 14 January 2013

Expectations change !!!

One thing I noticed over the last few years (mainly from when I started taking weight loss seriously) I   was always 10 kgs from being perfect (perfect in my dictionary), I did not really give it much thought just complained how this ’10 kg’ curse was not leaving me..then I noticed I was doing the same thing when I was on the treadmill I was always the slowest in the if I walked on the treadmill I noticed everybody jogged, when I started to jog I noticed everybody jogged for longer time..when I jogged for a longer time I noticed everybody jogged at a higher speed, I improved my speed to 8km/hr and I noticed people where running at 9km/hr..I moved to 9 and people were moving to 10km/hr..How could this be always happening to me????
As usual after reaching my frustration point I had to sit down to figure out what was actually happening..and that is when I realised how far I had come, how with every 10 kgs I had slightly pushed myself for 10 more kgs...and how suddenly I had switched my focus from my weight to stamina, how from being somebody who was scared to leave the treadmill handle while walking, I had moved to I continued to improve I focused on only short comings and I forgot how far I had come from when I started.
I think it is natural for expectations to change, it’s natural to want more (don’t we do this in every aspect of our life??..we start with wanting a job then wanting promotions..and then a little bit more ) I think this want to continuously improve is what keeps us motivated but it can also have a negative effect if we forget our starting point, our journey.
Step 4: Don’t forget your past use it as a motivation especially when you expect more from your self
I still forget this sometimes then T reminds me or my sister reminds me and I get back on track.

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 

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