Tuesday, 15 January 2013

First 5k

(Just completed my first 5k, not a race just running on my own)
After many days of hoping and trying to complete a 5k today I finally managed it. I think I could have done a little bit more maybe 6k (maybe not...high hopes) but I was so excited I had to stop and search for T to tell him the good news...I can't believe how happy completing 5k has made me. I started smiling at 4.75 and did not stop smiling for some time after I finished 5k. I really did not think it would be such a big deal for me but it surprisingly was.
As you all know from my previous posts running/jogging was never my cup of tea, even as a child when my friends played any games involving running I would always try and avoid playing...I feared/hated it so much. I can’t pinpoint the exact when, but one fateful day I decided to take up running as a challenge... I decided to overcome my fear (maturity strikes), or maybe it was just convenient and budget friendly because as an international student I was on a tight budget and Weight loss/ becoming fit was always on mind so the only thing I could do to stay fit other than the gym was to run around university...I did not enjoy it but I forced myself. Every time I saw somebody else I would wonder if they really enjoyed it? Or are they as miserable as me? Again I don't know how and when my thoughts changed and I was thinking about the distance I could cover or the time I could run continuously for..suddenly I started enjoying running, I was no longer forcing myself to run instead every time I stepped out in my sport shoes I wanted to run...somehow it makes me feel good about myself...
I think it the fact that I overcame my fear makes me a little proud of myself, 5k might not be a lot for many people but for me it was more about achieving something I always feared I would fail.
From my first jogging disaster to completing my first 5k it was not always a happy journey but I am glad I did it...hopefully someday I will write about my first Marathon.

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