Saturday, 5 January 2013

January Challenge (Keep me on track)

January Challenge

1. Gym 5 days a week (this is an easy one I usually manage this)
2. Go for at least one group class (keep behind the what ifs)
3. Meet up with girlfriends :) (I have to find a way of making time for myself and my fun)
4. Publish 20 blog posts and share these with my friends.(keep behind the what ifs)

What if...
Most of my January Challenges are based on becoming more confident and independent. You know I get very scared to go for a group class, I go to the gym regularly but group class scares me..what if I'm not as coordinated as the others..what if I don’t have the stamina..I have so many what ifs that I have not yet had the courage to walk to the class section of my gym (you might find it ridiculous but its true)  I have written so many posts and get scared to publish them...I worry about what people will say, how they will react..what if they laugh at me..what if they write a bad comment...what if nobody understands my point of view....
Do you want to try this Challenge too?? List things you really want to do..but avoid doing because of your What ifs... Let me know maybe we could support each other?

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 

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