Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup (Healthy and yummy!!!)

I am always looking for healthy recipes for soups and salads. Especially when it cold outside holding a warm bowl of soup just feels so wonderful....This recipe is easy and healthy.


Olive oil
1 onion
Chicken stock
1 sweet potato
4-5 carrots
Ginger (chopped/jarred)
Greek yoghurt (depending on your preference)

1. Add oil to your pot and toss in the onions
2. Cook for about 2 minutes before adding in the chicken stock
3. Add the chopped carrots, sweet potato and ginger
4. Cook this till the vegetables are tender
5. Blend this mixture
6. Pour the puree back into the pot stir in salt and pepper to taste
Your soup is ready :)
Try adding a scoop of Greek yoghurt to your soup (I loved it)

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P.S (I found this recipe here

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