Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fat to Normal (Is it really possible)

Losing weight..this is one thing that was always constantly on my mind for all my life (till now), I have always been on the heavier side and people around me were always nice..I did not get teased/bullied and my family said I was pleasantly plum ;) so even though I wanted to lose weight I never really put any effort, I hoped a week of dieting would work or maybe a day of exercise would be enough :D (now I know...)
Let’s just says for 25 odd years I was just struggling mentally and trying everything wrong to lose weight...and then suddenly magic happened...
Basically I changed jobs and at my new work place the girls were particular about their food...they would have salad and yoghurt for lunch, off course I did not want to stand out so I behaved like salads were my usual lunch too (I'm sure my size gave that away..but nobody said that), So I started having salads for lunch..I was expecting hunger pangs and headaches..but nothing of that sort happened, I still continued to eat the same old stuff for all my other meals and one fine day my pant was a bit loose (OOOHHHH and I was not even trying consciously to lose weight) that’s when I realised I could lose weight without it making me cranky or sad...and I think this realization has helped me come a long way (from a whooping 90kgs to a normal 59 kgs)
So I would say the first thing to start your weight loss journey is to understand and believe that losing weight is possible, it requires discipline and self control but its not something that will make you feel food deprived or hungry ever and exercise does not kill you it can be made fun (I have a whole post on this..)
Trust me I was and I am a big time foodie..I did have very bad eating habits (I would wake up in the middle of the night to eat...) and I hated exercising or anything closely associated with breaking out a sweat...and now I have turned it all around without losing my smile...
Believe You Can Loose Weight and You Will..
In my next few posts I will write about the small steps that helped go from an obese to overweight (basically lose my first 10-12 kgs) then from an overweight closer to being normal (next 10 kgs) and finally entering my normal weight range (final 5-8 kgs)

eep Reading I will Keep Writing 


  1. Tanvee, I stumbled upon your blog. I am in a different phase of my life currently and yes weight loss is on the tab. Its inspiring to see your post and pictures. You made me smile :-) and think about the other aspects of life. Congrats on your wedding. Have a great new year and happy married life.

    1. Hi Gowri, thank you for your lovely comment..I am very happy you find my story inspiring and I am even happier I made you smile :)
      I hope you have a good year too...I am sorry about your loss, I wish you and your husband all the strength you need to keep going

  2. This is just incredible. Well done.