Saturday, 5 January 2013

Let's include some exercise

So in my last post we spoke about how we should start with one small step, which small step did you take? Like I told you I started with adding salads to my lunch :)
Once I got used to this I took my next small. I used to go out every evening after work for coffee and snacks..snacks would include sandwich and crisp so my next small step was to change unhealthy sandwich to  healthier option I switched to brown bread no mayo/cheese added hummus sometimes no more crisps I looked for baked options once I got used to this I further changed to more healthier options I would eat only one thing either the baked option or a pita bread with me I did not even notice the change because all that really mattered during these was spending time relaxing with friends...
So now in a span of a few months I had taken about 3- 4 small steps which helped me a lot...
I was eating salad for lunch, I switched to healthier options for my evening snacks (I also added a fruit before my evening snack...) trust me I lost my first 5-6 kgs just doing this nothing else...
Now that I had started to lose weight surprisingly I was getting more motivated...I felt I could do it and I knew there is one thing very important to losing weight Exercise!!!!
Again this started off at work, I suggested we could walk after lunch for 10-15 minutes, this was fun we would just stroll around after lunch...I got used to walking (trust me my legs were just not used to any exercise) slowly from a stroll we moved to brisk 15 minutes walk after know how much girls love talking so the walking was always fun :) and now that I was used to it a little I thought the next thing would be to include a little walk after dinner. This was a little difficult because I had to go on my own..and that is boring, I would try and convince my sister or my boyfriend to come out with me, till walking after dinner just became a habit..and one fine day I went out on my own for my walk..there was no looking back after that :) I even started taking the stairs up to work (3 floors..I know I know it’s not much but for me it was like hiking ;))
Step 2 to losing weight
If your first small steps included diet change take one small step for including some form of exercise, or if you have already included exercise then make a change in your diet
***You need good healthy diet and balanced exercise
What form of exercise did you start off with? Tell me if step 1 and step 2 were useful? Are you still sticking to your first few small steps?

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