Thursday, 17 January 2013

What motivated me to start

I loved what she said about usually for most people the answer can be categorised as either appearance, health or life goals...for me it was appearance..I really wanted to look good and feel good about myself, I wanted to be more than cute or a pretty face...everytime somebody said those words to me I  felt fat and overweight!!!
Ever since I can remember I wanted to lose weight but something held me back, I wanted to look good, dress well but something was not right. I really did not know what...till one day I changed my eating habits a little this was just to fit in with my colleagues and this small change made me lose a few kgs (see here)...that’s when I realised I could do it..I could lose weight ...I think this realisation gave me my final push. Just knowing that I could do it was a big motivation to start.
To me my motivation has constantly changed with every milestone, first I just wanted to be able to fit in a skirt and for a long time it was only to do with appearance...(fitting in nicer clothes) then as I became healthier my motivation changed to improving my stamina and discipline..I think if I would continue to look at appearance for motivation I would have stopped putting in that much effort... this constant change keeps me going.
Because my motivations constantly changes I think it has helped me take my first step, my second and all my steps in this journey...

Starting your weightloss is important, continuing it and maintaining a healthy life is equally important. (in Diane's words 'prepare yourself for the continuation of that healthy living journey') - so true..

P.S. I always hope exercising and eating right becomes a normal part of my life (like brushing my teeth )

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