Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to not feel deprived

Whenever you start your weight loss journey one of the first things you read about or hear about is changing your diet. You read about everything that is bad for you, everything that makes you overweight and I’m sure most of the things that are listed will be one of your all time favourites..
So the big question is how can you give up on your favourite food and not feel deprived or sad? I find it really difficult to avoid everything I loved to eat, I know I will lose weight, I know I will become fit but is that enough??I doubt it..if I just eat fruit when I’m at a party or if I don’t eat my own birthday cake..I’m surely going to be upset, it will affect me in some way...maybe I binge eat later...maybe I get irritated know how it is frustration can’t stay in for long..
S    how do I handle it? I have two ways of tackling this problem -  Switch & Portion control
First way is to switch something I love for a healthier option, this takes time to get used to and at some point you just naturally prefer the healthier option. It’s like taking very small steps towards the healthy option. I will make it simple by telling you about what I switched
Every morning I would grab a caffe mocha (Regular size/Whole milk : 360 calories )
First step: I switched to skinny caffe mocha (: 290 calories)
Second step: I switched to small skinny caffe mocha (:240 calories)
Third step: I switched to a cappuccino with sugar (whole milk: 115 - 130 calories)
Final step: a skinny small cappuccino no sugar (70 calories)
(So over a period of sometime I switched from 360 calories to 70 calories)
This took time, in the beginning I would go back to a skinny mocha twice a week but within 2 months I started finding caffe mocha sweet and I was really enjoying my cappuccino.  I did the same thing for a lot of other food I love (I’m making a list of this, I will upload it soon)
I feel when you do this you really don’t deprive yourself. I was still getting my coffee just a healthier option and now finally after a few months and many more small steps I have switched from coffee to herbal tea (I do have coffee sometimes but then I’m ok because I usually just go back to the healthier option.)
I know it is not always possible to switch your favourite food. What can I switch my banana muffin for?? maybe a healthier recipe but it is still not really that healthy is it?? For such situations I do the simple portion control trick. I love muffins and I love having something sweet after every meal. (Usually I avoid keeping muffins/ anything baked at home) but just in case I have them at do I control myself and not feel deprived? I decide I will have half a muffin a day so now I have a choice of eating my half in one go or splitting my half into two.This way after each meal I eat my muffin to satisfy my sweet tooth and how can anybody feel deprived if they have eaten a muffin twice in a day?? 
Step 6: Remember to switch or portion control
  •  Switch slowly to a healthier option 
  •  Divide into half/ quarter and know the exact calories.
 Did you find this useful? Have you switched anything?? tell me maybe I could add that to my list
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  1. Switch and portion control are two great techniques! I use them both all the time.

  2. Hey Diane,
    These two techniques have helped me so much..I rarely feel deprived or like I'm on diet..I think they help to continue healthy eating..