Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Slip ups...can you still be on track?

Making plans and setting goals is like second nature for me if you were to see my plans or my goal list you would definitely say I’m crazy or at least you would expect to meet a different me J but me being me my plans keep changing because I keep going off track...even with my fitness/weight loss plan you will find so many plans and so many goals..I have actually lost track.
There were times when I missed the gym because I thought it would rain (I just needed an excuse), at times I would not eat plan would go flying out of the window as long as I could get a new plan and start fresh I always got back on track..
But this was not always the case, there used to be days when I would make plans...mess them up and then cry over my mess. I would waste days begin upset with myself, I would try and find somebody to blame...’it was not my fault everybody decided to go out for dinner , they just don’t understand’ or ‘it was not my fault I had more work to finish’ . The blame game and crying would just pull me back a if I had gained 1 pound for my could add another 2 pounds for the time I spent being upset. When I had no one else left to blame and being upset with myself was not getting me anywhere I would get back to making a new plan and then start my new plan from the beginning of the coming week or maybe beginning of the coming month. Basically one small mistake of mine would get dragged for over a week and one small pound would add up to a few more, it was tragic!!!
So now what I do is I give myself a fixed time to be upset..I can’t not be upset/angry with myself if I mess up so I usually give myself only an hour to think about what went wrong and then I sit down and change my plan accordingly, but my new plan always start as soon as I figure out I have messed up.
So now a days if I miss the gym...I cry for a bit, then think about what I can do to improve my situation...usually I land up doing some exercise video at home and increase 5 minutes of gym for the rest of  the week..that way I cover my mess and I'm back on track...If I eat more, I think about how much more and then I either increase my exercise for the week or I reduce my calorie intake for a day or two this way I'm back on track and I don’t take a step back...instead I divert a little and get back in line
I believe ‘It’s OK to mess up as long as you are willing to start fresh as soon as you realise you have messed up(the key words being 'willing' 'fresh' 'soon')
What do you do when you don't keep up with your plans? how do you get back on track?

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  1. Absolutely! The key for me is to start back right away and not wait until the "perfect day" to get going again.

    1. waiting for the perfect day..always pushes me a few steps behind...
      (thank you so much for reading my always makes my day when I see your comment :) )

  2. Visiting from Marion's blog. I identify with this post so much. For years I started anew each Monday or after a holiday swearing that this was it. Now I just keep plugging away. One indulgence isn't going to sabotage my progress if I don't let it turn into anything more. One missed run isn't going to spiral into months of inactivity as long as I get right back out there the next day. Life is much easier and less stressful this way.

    1. Hi Aimee, welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful. I get back on track asap I have stopped waiting for a perfect day to start :)