Monday, 28 January 2013

What's your story?

I was watching one of Oprah’s life class it made so much sense to me. I felt it would be nice to share it with all of you.
It was about how most of us create a story for ourselves and at some point this story becomes our identity. If in our story we are not good enough it can pull us it is very important to change our story to create a story based on facts and reality...rather than feelings and emotions..
For me one of my stories was ‘I was a girl who was fat and I truly believed the day I become thin I would be the happiest person, but I also thought I was unlucky because I loved food and hated running/exercise’ because this thought constantly played at the back of my mind I never gave myself a chance to try new things, I always pushed things I wanted to do for later (I would always push for the ‘When I become thin moment’)..I was not good at taking compliments because I felt I did not deserve them till I became thin...and I feel because of this thought/story I wasted many years of my life..I would not go shopping, I would not join my friends for games because I said I did not like running/playing...I would say I did not like dressing up because I thought it was a waste till I became thin.. (my list can go on..)
The funniest part of this is that I continued to believe in this story even when I lost weight it took a while for me to change my story...I did not magically become confident and start trying new things just because I was the back of my mind I was still waiting for my ‘thin moment’ I would still push things for my thin moment....
So how did I change my story...I started concentrating on what I had achieved, I started focusing on how far I had come...every now and then I would go back to my old story but as time passed I have started to think my story is ‘I was fat...I loved food..did not enjoy sports but I worked hard to become healthy..(I’m hard working :) ) and in the process I found my love for running and pushing myself...I love pushing myself’
Every time I have a negative thought or a negative story pulling me back..I sit down and think of the facts, based on these I make a new story for myself..(It’s not always possible..Sometimes it takes more than just sitting down once...but I have one  thought that keeps me going ‘I believe if I work hard I can change my story and I know I can work hard )
Do you have stories? Do you tell yourself you are too busy to workout, Do you tell yourself are too fat to be happy? Do you tell yourself you can't run because you have always been scared of the treadmill or of running alone?
Do you have a story that affects your life? Do you think changing your story will help you? Do you think if you had a different story you do better?

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