Saturday, 5 January 2013

Make a Note

Weight loss is not easy...and I think when you take it slow and when you take small steps it is important to keep track of every small achievement.
You know when I started my weight loss journey I was always hoping for a miracle :) somewhere at the back of mind I still wanted to lose weight fast and there were days when I would be so disappointed if my weight would not change or if I had not lost as much as I had planned.
One of the other things a lot of weight loss articles suggest is maintaining a journal for your food or exercise I think it’s nice to include things you have achieved over this journey..
Again small things like if somebody praised you, just sticking to your plan..its a very big thing to become disciplined...if you have started to enjoy eating fruits..if you don't mind skipping dessert after your dinner...these are small achievements which matter...can you climb the stairs without huffing and puffing? Are you no longer craving cakes and course loosing kgs/lbs matters too but all these little things always slip through our minds...and these small changes matter..

Do you want to know a part of my list?? 
 Friends and family thought I was disciplined :)
 People asked for my advice to lose advise even when I was still struggling to lose weight
I wore a skirt for the first time in my life (it was a long maxi skirt..But it was a skirt)
I felt like posing for snaps..
I did not miss burgers and french fries (I loved them..)
I can switch at least 2 cups of coffee for herbal tea (for me this was big achievement)

My list can go on..I have been at it for so long now...I would love to read your list..Send them to me..we could have a post putting together everybody’s list.

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing                  

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