Thursday, 10 January 2013

I'm not losing enough weight!!! (help)

‘I’m not losing enough weight!!!’ how many times have you heard this? Or how many times have you used this sentence? I have had an on-off relationship with this sentence, to me it feels like a bad relationship every time we are together it brings the worst out of me...I get depressed, I workout less, I find no motivation to eat healthy...everything goes out of control.
Finally after lot of internet browsing, reading weight loss /health books I have slowly moved away from it. Today I decided to list the things that helped me move out of this ‘not losing enough weight mind set'
      Don’t compare
I know it’s not easy not to compare, you workout with a friend make plans together and suddenly you realise you are both not losing weight together..Everybody loses weight at a different rate. This depends on how much weight you have to lose, how fit you already are. So you might run together but maybe your body is used to the amount of exercise you are doing and you might need to put in more effort, or maybe because your body knows you don’t have to lose too much you will lose a little slowly

Don’t starve yourself
At one point I had started to eat really very little, the weight came off and I was happy, then one day I got a little sick took a break for a week and the weight came back...I did not binge eat just did not starve that’s when I realised the harm in starving. 
When you starve you cannot put in the same effort in your workout, so you might still workout religiously for 1 hour everyday but you will not burn the same amount of calories because your body does not have the energy.
Starving is not a long term solution, the day you eat normal you will start gaining back your weight. The worst feeling is you still eat less as compared to your friends and you are the only one who puts on weight L that’s all thanks to starving
          Do you give your 100%
Do you really give your 100%? We all make plans, we all make promises but most of us do cheat sometimes, or have excuses to help us escape a few days...I always say I will work out 5 days a week but the minute work load increases I workout only 4 days sometimes even less, or I go to the gym but don’t put in as much effort because I have other things on my mind. So if I don’t work out and eat as planned how can I lose as planned?
          Always have backup plan
Life happens; things come up so it is always good to have a backup plan.
My backup options for cardio are as follows:
** Gym treadmill – no excuse day
** Jogging outside – weekends/ good weather/ good mood day
** Climbing stairs – rainy days/cold days/just don’t feel like getting ready days
** Zumba/group class – bored/ lack of motivation days
For my weight training I keep the following options
** Gym – no excuse day
** Exercise videos at home
**  Dumbbells and weight training at home
These options help me stay on track and I then don’t have as many excuses not to exercise.
          Sometimes you lose inches
It’s good to keep track of your weight but also keep track of your inches, or how your clothes fit. Personally I have noticed as I started getting closer to my normal weight I lost less weight but my clothes were fitting better. This way you always know your workout is making a difference

there are a lot more points but I feel these are the most important once..and if I add everything to one post what will I write about tomorrow :)

(If you eat right, workout a right I’m a sure you will get to your ideal weight, I believe weightloss is directly propotional to your efforts)

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 

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